I spent many years appearing on the stage, from the age of 4 to 16.  It was the most wonderful way to gain greater confidence and I made many good friends along the way. My love of all things musical has never waned and as a result of all the fun and experiences I had during those years, I decided to set up my own group to give other children the same opportunities.

I started the Hurst Children's Theatre Group (Bourne) in September 2008. It has been wonderful to watch the Group grow. I currently have over 50 children attending.

It is immensely rewarding to see the children flourish and I feel very blessed to have some wonderful children who have been with me since the beginning. Once they have their first performance under their belt, they take all I am teaching them into their stride. Their self-confidence increases all the time as they realise what it is they can achieve.

All the scripts I use are written by my father, Mike Hurst, so are complete originals that neither the children nor the audience will have heard before. This sets us apart from some other theatre groups who rely on already-known plays or musicals for their classes. 

“At the Hurst Children’s Theatre Group, it is not talent that we require, but the enthusiasm to try. Our productions reflect the enthusiasm and enjoyment shared by all in the group...”

I simply loved being part of a Theatre Group and consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity.  My aim now is to continue what my Grandmother started and to hopefully bring happiness to many more over the years.