We put on two shows each year with a major pantomime production after Christmas, which is for family and the public and then a smaller show in the summer aimed more at family and friends. The pantomime is put on in the impressive setting of the South Holland Centre Theatre in Spalding, with the summer production at Bourne Academy.

22nd-23rd January 2016  Babes in the Wood

Gary & Glenda's wicked Uncle, the Sheriff of Nottingham wants rid of them once and for all and enlists the help of two hapless robbers, PickIt and NickIt.  Doreen the Demon and her sidekick in training, Little Grot and also ensuring evil triumphs over good.  Enter Fairy Nuff to help Robin Hood and his merry men rescue the Babes, wonderfully assisted by the little Twiglets.


5th July 2015   The Beat Goes On...

Harry Slime returns but now we are into the swinging 60s. Harry is once again looking for that
special act - something that is going to be huge. It all starts in a dive bar in Germany, with 4 funny looking boys with mop tops and ... they can sing! Oh what a time!>

17-18th January 2015   Jack and The Beanstalk

Jack is back from his travels overseas and his mum is hoping that he has made his fortune in order to keep
the baliffs and squire from her door. Unfortunately, Jack returns penniless but upon selling their cow for magic beans, their lives will all be turned upside down.  Meet Grim, the evil manservant to the double-headed Giant TwoFace, see Simple Simon in need of a little more chlorine in his gene pool, watch good Fairy Liquid and her little Beanies help save the day.  Plenty of audience participation involved so don't forget to practise your "He's behind you" shouts, especially when the Ghost appears...

Sunday 6th July - Sherlock ... and the case of the horrible thing

The super sleuth sets to work trying to uncover a dastardly plot by the evil Arty Farty - brother of Moriarty. With his able minion assistants, Arty Farty almost succeeds by 'apping' all the rich and famous and making them forget who they are but Sherlock and Watson are on the case and soon happiness reigns supreme but not before much mayhem ensues!


24 - 25th January 2014  Puss In Boots

At the reading of the Will of the poor old miller, the youngest son is left with the family cat. But what a cat! This cat can talk and is determined to see his master achieve great wealth and success, including the hand of the woman he loves. How will he do this you may ask? With the usual comic processes ever present in our family Pantomimes, with good old-fashioned singalongs, great characters and little cat fleas that will have you eating out of their hands - as usual! Why not come and join in the fun?

Sunday 30th June 2013- Turn Your Radio On

The year is 1956 and Britain is a grey, drab musical desert. There's Max Bygraves crooning about "a pink toothbrush" whilst across the pond, American teenagers are having a ball rocking and rolling with the hip shaking Elvis Presley. This strange new sound is grabbing the attention of a small, penniless county in mainland Europe - Luxembourg. They have plans to beam this new rock and roll music out to Europe but especially to England. How will the stuffy BBC cope with this onslaught? How will they remain at the top? They will need their own little rock and roll star, but where will they find him and how? Cue Harry Slime and a right little Bobby Dazzler...




January 18th and 19th 2013 - Cinderella


The delightful story of Cinderella and has all the ingredients of a classic fairy tale: heroes and villains, wicked step sisters, fairy godmother and a handsome prince! If you're lucky, maybe Aladdin will turn up! "Oh no he won't .. Oh yes he will..!"

But will our heroine find true love or will it be rags forever? Will her horrid step-mother and step-sisters ever learn their lesson? Will Cinderella's dreams come true..?




20th and 21st January 2012 - Snow White


The classic story of Snow White.  Will the Wicked Queen triumph or will Snow White find the frog of her dreams?  With help from 7 delightful dwarves, (and some little forest elves and fairies) there is something in this lively, family Panto for everyone to enjoy. "Oh no there's not!"  "Oh yes there is!"





July 2011:  Me & My Ron

Just a simple story of class and London pre WW2. The heiress of a large country estate has finally been found and she turns out to be a Cockney living in the East End of London.  She is pretty rough around the edges, yet has a heart of gold.  But what is she going to do about her beloved back home in the East End – Ron Onions? What are the Duchess’s new family going to make of this rough, east end girl showing them up?  She is like a fish out of water!

A send-up of Noel Gay's musical “Me & My Girl”, this play has plenty of fun, laughs and charm.  The songs are a delight and there will be many of them the audience will recognise.  So come along and enjoy a good old-fashioned knees-up!



January 2011: Aladdin


This Christmas we put on our 2nd family Panto, Aladdin. Class A played the delightfulWeenie Genies, genies in training, who ably assist the good fairy. They never failed to iengage the audience with their performances, in fact they had them eating out of their hands!

The older children played Launderettes working in Widow Twanky’s laundry whilst others got to try out their martial arts skills as the bodyguards, the Kung Phooies.

Aladdin is sent to find the lamp of everlasting power by the wicked Fu Manchu and meets the Genie of the Lamp (Boris!) who will change his life forever.  This show featured lots of audience participation and catchy songs such as Jolly Washa Day and Limehouse Chinese Laundry Blues.

Mike once again penned the script which was packed full with Blackadder style jokes and fun for all the family.




July 2010: From Rubbish with Love
This is a good fun, topical, comedy written by my father, Mike Hurst. It involves GREEN issues, waste disposal and Climate Change – but all done in a most humourous way. Our hero, James Green (a spoof on James Bond), is put to task against the evil Samantha Sewer with the able assistance of Q, BO and Felix Litter. Can he save the world before Samantha achieves her goal of world domination?

February 2010: Dick Whittington



We put on our first proper Pantomime in the South Holland Centre, Spalding in January 2010. The children had a fabulous time performing on the stage and shone like absolute stars. Our hero, Dick Whittington played by Emily Hawkins, had to travel overseas to clear his name and return to claim his true love's hand. He was ably assisted by Puss (Ellena Simpson), with some help from Fairy Cheryl and Alesha, not forgetting Damie Oliver played by Abbie Rodford. DW was challenged at every turn by the evil King Rat and his adorable little rats (the smaller children) who, once their King was defeated, decided to become mice instead. All was well that ends well.


July 2009: Annie's Got A Gun
In the summer of 2009, we put on a production called ,Annie's Got A Gun' written by Mike Hurst. It was a comedy spoof of Agatha Christie style, about mad little orphan Annie, systematically killing off all the famous detectives from Charlie Clang to Sam Bucket, to claim her inheritance from her toe tapping, long lost cousin, Ned Two Step (loosely based on Fred Astaire).

The children had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed getting into all the characters.